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Electroluminescent technology is the new paper thin, captivating light source that is revolutionising the way businesses market their branded message to target audiences. Any artwork supplied can be animated to light as per your specification. The Electroluminescent panels can be customised to illuminate in any size, shape, colour or animated sequence.

EL Panels are usually powered by Mains supply but depending upon the size and illuminated area, batteries could also be used. In this case, we can prolong the life of the batteries by using a motion Sensor.

Electroluminescence (EL) is set to take over back lit posters amongst a host of other light source based products that are energy deficient, expensive and bulky. The potential of this product is immense across a wide range of appliances.

Electroluminescent Video Case Studies:

Showreel  Ford Nivea Heathrow T5 Pulp

Please feel free to browse our EL Product Pages or EL Case Studies to find out how EL International can use Electroluminescence to transform your brand.

What is Electroluminescence (EL)?

Electroluminescent panels are paper thin laminated panels that illuminate as an electrical current is passed through the panel. This Electroluminescence is created when phosphor crystals with coloured overlays are sandwiched between conductors, and as an electrical current is applied, the phosphor crystals rapidly charge and emit light which illuminates the printed overlay.

EL lamps are produced in many forms such as Electroluminescent panels, EL Tape or EL Wire. The low power consumption makes Electroluminescent technology one of the most energy efficient light sources available.

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